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A Study was conducted to determine, How effective the medication Avandia is at preventing Diabetes?

Avandia May Cause Bone Fractures and Macular Edema 

Avandia is a thiazolidinedione anti-diabetic drug. While it may decrease blood glucose levels, it may also lead to bone fractures and macular edema. The company behind the medication says it is safe. The FDA reviewers reached a variety of conclusions, including that the drug was not associated with an increased risk of heart attack or cardiovascular death. However, it is important to consult with your doctor before taking Avandia. 

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AVANDIA is a thiazolidinedione anti-diabetic agent 

AVANDIA is a thiazolidinedione anti-diabetic agent that is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is a highly effective medication, which improves glucose and hemoglobin levels in diabetic patients. In clinical trials, it improved glycemic control by reducing insulin and C-peptide levels, which are both known risk factors for diabetes. The maximum recommended daily dose for AVANDIA is 8 mg. It has been studied at varying doses, but a recent meta-analysis found no additional benefits with 12 mg. 

It reduces blood glucose levels 

In a meta-analysis of 52 controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical trials, the effect of AVANDIA on blood glucose was examined. The study participants were adults with type 2 diabetes who had a history of long-standing diabetes. The participants were also likely to have pre-existing medical conditions, and the participants were randomized to AVANDIA or insulin co-administration. 

It causes macular edema 

A study was conducted to determine how effective the drug Avandia is for macular edema. The study was published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity, and CVD News. Results were mixed. The drug was associated with an increased risk of developing edema in the lungs and the eyes. It also aggravates heart disease and cardiac disease. However, it seems to be an effective option for diabetics with macular edema. 

It causes bone fractures 

A study was conducted to determine how effective the drug AVANDIA is in preventing bone fractures in women. Compared with a placebo, AVANDIA was associated with a higher risk of fracture. Patients were more likely to fracture their upper arms and distal lower limbs compared to the control group. The risk of fracture was higher in women than in men. 

It causes weight gain 

A study was conducted to determine how effective the diabetes medication AVANDIA is for weight gain. This medication increases the body’s ability to burn fat, but also can cause side effects such as kidney problems. The researchers found that the medication significantly reduced the rate of weight gain in type 2 diabetes patients. The drug can also increase the risk of heart failure, but this is uncommon. People who take insulin should not take AVANDIA.