How Diabetes Affects Erectile Dysfunction

How Diabetes Affects Erectile Dysfunction 

If you’ve wondered about how diabetes affects erectile dysfunction, read on! Diabetes is linked to several common sexual dysfunctions, including low testosterone levels, damaged nerves, and low libido. Here are some of the causes of erectile dysfunction: 

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Low testosterone levels 

Although it is unclear how low testosterone levels in diabetes affect erectile function, they are associated with increased cardiovascular mortality. Therefore, screening for hypogonadism is a recommended practice for men with type 2 diabetes. Treatment can improve quality of life, glycemic control, and body composition. However, observational studies and placebo-controlled studies have produced mixed results. Men with diabetes often exhibit symptoms of low testosterone, including decreased sexual interest and erectile dysfunction. Other symptoms include decreased energy levels, depression, and decreased lean body mass. 

Nerve damage caused by diabetes 

Diabetes can negatively affect a man’s erection. It affects up to 18 million men in the United States. Diabetes can also impair a man’s blood sugar control, causing a man’s erection to be difficult to achieve. Men with diabetes may also experience a decreased desire to be sexually active. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat diabetes, including oral medications. 

Fried and greasy foods 

Dietary changes for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can improve their overall health and sexual performance. However, they are not as effective for those who suffer from chronic or severe ED. Erectile dysfunction is caused by several factors, including excessive fatty food intake, obesity, and not being physically active. Some dietary changes are necessary to improve the blood flow in the body and boost testosterone production. 

DM drugs 

A new study looks at how DM drugs affect erectile function in diabetic men. The authors noted that metformin treatment decreased testosterone levels in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients. However, they noted that sulfonylurea therapy restored testosterone levels in type 2 DM patients. The study further investigated whether DM drugs affect a man’s sex drive and erectile function and whether they might be linked to ED. 

Lifestyle changes 

Diabetic men may experience ED despite following a healthy lifestyle. High blood sugar levels can affect the penis by affecting nerves and blood vessels. This in turn affects the way the penis feels and functions. If this is a problem, lifestyle changes can help men maintain a healthy erectile function. Listed below are five ways to improve a man’s health and reduce his risk of ED. 

Treatment options 

Men suffering from diabetes are at increased risk for erectile dysfunction (ED), and the condition affects almost half of the male population. Erectile dysfunction occurs because the nerves and blood vessels in the penis become damaged. As a result, they cannot maintain an erection, which can cause problems with sex life. However, early detection of ED can improve quality of life.