What is Diabetes Mellitus?

How many times have you heard that sugar is the enemy of good health? That high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can be worse than white sugar? How many times have you bought a product labeled “sugar-free” only to find that it doesn’t contain any sugar at all?

As a result of our increasingly hectic lifestyles, obesity levels are skyrocketing. This is why people are starting to suffer from a condition called diabetes mellitus. Diabetes can affect any age group. It is not contagious. People who have it usually don’t know they have it until their doctor checks their blood sugar. The key to beating diabetes mellitus is to keep your blood sugar in check.

type 2 diabetes

The problem is that there’s no cure for diabetes, and it’s also known to be extremely painful and expensive. Several factors contribute to the development of diabetes, but you can reduce the risk of getting it by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you have diabetes, you know it can be tough. Many people find it hard to take care of themselves, let alone manage their conditions.  If you can change your lifestyle and diet, you could even reverse your diabetes. With this information, you can get healthy again and live a long, healthy life.

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